Bank profits are borrowers’ losses

Once you understand that you can move forward. The only benefit of being loyal to your bank today is that it offers you a worse deal than it offers new customers.

Banks make billions while borrowers sweat it out to repay their debts.

It does not have to be that way.

Get the banks competing for your business. GBAC devised the way to do that as soon as banks were deregulated by compliant politicians in 1987. Since deregulation banks have bled their customers dry with excessive charges.

Get the loan contract that suits you, not just the bank.

Your loan may be your largest risk in life, because it could lose you most of what you own.

Get a free “Debt Check” to ensure that your loan is still the best one for you.

GBAC specialises in helping family businesses and farms with their loans.

Receive advice from a consultant who has actually run profitable farms and businesses as well as advising them Australia-wide as a Chartered Accountant, CPA, ACIS, FID.

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